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P253 - Renewable energy project with PV/battery system for the control of power export

Procurement ID - LC/014/P253

Brief Description

This project is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund

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SparkFund is an ERDF funded grants programme available to Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), located in either the Humber of York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas. The total value of the programme is £17.8 m and it is in receipt of £9.8m of ERDF grant funding. SparkFund is led and managed by the University of Hull and a dedicated SparkFund Team has been established to act as the direct interface with eligible SMEs and to support them to scope, design and successfully procure goods and/or services.

This tender exercise is being carried out under the auspices of the University of Hull, under the SparkFund programme and on behalf of a Grant Recipient, Lissett Residentials Ltd.

Lissett Residentials Ltd are market leaders in innovation when it comes to lodge home manufacture. Both residential and leisure homes have been provided to a high standard for nearly 40 years (inc Oct 1981). Builds include Houseboats, classrooms. Building regulation designs and bespoke luxury lodges.

This ITT is required to support the Grant Recipient, Lissett Residentials Ltd to undertake Research & Development to meet their growth ambitions through sustainable product development. The new product development has 3 key objectives:

• To manufacture products in an eco-friendly way and generates data to support our lodge development.

• To create lodges capable of operating on reduced carbon footprint compared to our current products.

• Assist park developers to incorporate our uniquely designed system and lodges to encourage sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment.

The Grant Recipient, Lissett Residentials Ltd requires a consultant to design and build a system which maximises the generation, usage and storage of solar power, for use on company site and transfer to new products.


Deadline for responses 17:00 on 08 June 2022


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